Don’t be caught wondering if you are even registered to vote when November 8th rolls around! Here is all the information you need.


Check to see if you are registered here, and to register, if you aren’t. To register online, you will need a social security number and WV driver’s license. Otherwise you can fill out a form online, print it, and then submit it by mail or in person to your county clerk. Don’t put it off, though. You must register by October 18th (21 days before the election). For more information about registering, check the FAQs. To find out if you are registered, and to find where your polling place is, check here

Ways to vote

As in past elections, you can

Two avid Barry supporters
These UMWA members are avid Barry supporters.
  • Vote by mail/absentee ballot if you qualify. You can check your eligibility here, and if you are eligible, you must apply for an absentee ballot on or after August 16th, and before November 2nd. Full instructions can be found here.
  • Vote early in person (October 26th through November 5th)
  • Vote on election day (November 8th)

To find out all of the information about voting that is to be found online, see this page.

Why you should vote

Barry Wendell(D) is running against Alex Mooney(R). That should be reason enough to vote. But if it isn’t, there will also be four ballot initiatives. The first gives the state legislature power over the courts when it comes to impeachment proceedings. The second erodes the separation of church and state. The third allows the state legislature to reduce tax collections by the counties. And the fourth gives the state legislature some more power over education. These four ballot initiatives have the potential to impact all citizens in far-reaching ways. Don’t let your opinion of them go unheard.

LRCANo Court Authority over Impeachment AmendmentState judiciaryStates that no courts have any authority over impeachment proceedings and that an impeachment judgment by the Senate cannot be reviewed by a state court
LRCAIncorporation of Religious Denominations and Churches AmendmentReligionAuthorizes the incorporation of religious denominations and churches
LRCAAuthorize Tax Exemptions for Vehicles and Personal Property Used for Business AmendmentTaxesAuthorizes the state legislature to exempt personal property (machinery, equipment, and inventory) used for business activity from ad valorem property taxes
LRCALegislative Approval of the State Board of Education Rules AmendmentEducationRequires the state’s board of education to submit any proposed rules to the legislature to approve, amend, or reject
Ballot Measures for 2022